IKA/Culinary Olympics: Pre-registration now open Csm Ika Pre Register 3bbc3ddd99

Culinary National Teams from all over the world can sign up for their participation in the IKA / Culinary Olympics 2020 in Stuttgart. Official registration for participation is possible from July 2018 and will be announced in time. To register, send an e-mail to Felizitas.Laun@vkd.com . Please indicate which team you would like to pre-register.

Dedication and passion, culinary creations and trends from all parts of the world are what culminates in a culinary feast of nations at the IKA/Culinary Olympics (International Exhibition of Culinary Art). The next event happens from 14th to 19th February 2020, and will take place in conjunction with the INTERGASTRA trade show in Stuttgart.

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