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Chef’s Table, Restaurant of Nations, Live Carving: the whole spectrum of culinary arts will be demonstrated in different disciplines. The participants will be faced with a genuine acid test: they will show how concentration, precision and dedication produce creative compositions, every one a work of art in itself. In order to keep a cool head during the competition, the chefs train intensively – and have been doing so two years before the actual competition. Until finally every movement is perfect and the team members understand each other implicitly.

Individual style, the cooking tradition in their own country and the skills of the individual members: every team uses this as a basis to solve their assigned tasks in the competition.

Caps, magic and menus: a unique cooking experience

There is always a hint of magic in the air when the kitchen masters step up to the stove. Quick, precise work and the beauty of the culinary creations are combined in breathtaking moments to form superb culinary art. The question is: will this work withstand the probing glances of the jury members? Visitors will be able to experience how this is done – and see the boundless jubilation of the winners – at close quarters.

Numbers, Facts And Figures

  • 32 national senior teams – Olympic champion: Singapore
  • 19 junioryouth teams – Olympic champion: Sweden
  • 52 regional teams – IKA Cup Winner: Stockholm Culinary Team
  • 19 community catering teams – Olympic champion: FAZER Culinary Team from Finland
  • 550 individual exhibitors

  • 2016: Singapore
  • 2012: Sweden
  • 2008: Norway
  • 2004: Sweden
  • 2000: Sweden
  • 1996: Switzerland
  • 1992: Canada
  • 1988: Switzerland
  • 1984: Canada
  • 1980: Germany
  • 1976: Switzerland
  • 1972: Japan

Andreas Becker, President of the German Chefs Association
Andreas Becker, President of the German Chefs Association

A very warm welcome to the largest international festival of culinary arts!

Great culinary skills evolve from tradition and passion. In no other cooking competition can this be experienced so intensively as during the IKA/Culinary Olympics. We are proud of the largest, oldest and most colourful international exhibition of culinary arts. Professional chefs from all over the world – whether young chefs or master chefs – compete against one another here in a fair team competition. As the organiser of the event, the German Chefs Association (VKD) primarily provides young talents with a platform and an opportunity to demonstrate their potential.

Anyone following tradition must also keep an eye on the future. We will try something new during the 25th edition of the IKA / Culinary Olympics. Naturally without forgetting the old strengths which have shaped our Association and the team competition. The competition is being held in Stuttgart for the first time, and also concurrently with INTERGASTRA 2020, the leading trade fair for the hotel and restaurant industry. The Chef’s Table, our new discipline, will set the participants exciting challenges because the visitors will also sit and eat directly in the cooking boxes. Come and celebrate these and many other culinary highlights with us from 14 to 19 February 2020. We will be delighted to see you here.


Andreas Becker






Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture. Picture: Bundesregierung/Steffen Kugler
Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture. Picture: Bundesregierung/Steffen Kugler

Dear Readers,

The starting shot for the “culinary Olympic Year” 2020 has been fired: The teams for the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart have been chosen and the first training camps are up and running.

This time, 2,000 chefs and patissiers from more than 59 countries are facing off in the global culinary competition. In February 2020, the professionals will showcase their menus and the art of cooking in Stuttgart. Until then, they will work on further refining their recipes, optimising the menus and fine-tuning the appearance of the dishes. The focus is on creativity, careful product selection and, of course, the quality of the foods.

The German chefs have set themselves a goal that deserves special recognition: In designing their menu, they want to ensure the sparse use of sugar and salt. Creating and enjoying delicious food that is also healthy – that is the right way forward!

My ministry also advocates reducing the frequently excessive amounts of sugar, fat and salt in foods. Of course, the taste should not suffer! We concluded a general agreement with food industry associations and launched a “National Reduction and Innovation Strategy for Sugar, Fats and Salt”. The first step is to reduce the amount of sugar in soft drinks, breakfast cereals and children’s yoghurts and the amount of salt in bread. Together, we want to make the healthy choice an easy choice.

I wish all participants of the 2020 Culinary Olympics from around the world a lot of creativity and success for the development of their menus – and I wish all gourmets every enjoyment in looking forward to this international culinary event.

With kind regards,

Julia Klöckner

Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture

and patroness of the 2020 Culinary Olympics

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