The virtual anticipation of the IKA begins As in 2020, IKA TV will stream the IKA/Culinary Olympics around the world next year. Photo: IKA/Culinary Olympics

Draw of the competition days, online stream and media library on demand: The warm-up of the IKA/Culinary Olympics can be followed on the website and all social media channels of the IKA.

In about three weeks, chefs and national culinary teams from all over the world will “tune in” to virtually watch and cheer along the draw of the IKA competition days. The livestream from Stuttgart marks one of the milestones of the 26th IKA/Culinary Olympics, which will take place from February 2 to 7 next year in parallel with the Intergastra. May 16 is an important date especially for those teams competing in the team categories in Stuttgart in 2024. After that, it will be clear who will be in the competition kitchens on which days and in which order. The draw will be streamed live on the IKA’s YouTube channel and will be available for viewing in the media library at any time afterwards. “We cordially invite the chefs from all over the world to be present live during the broadcast and to follow the results online,” says VKD President Daniel Schade. “As of this date, the official countdown is on, so to speak, as the teams then have their specific competition dates even firmer in sight.” 

Drawing of the Competition Days

16 May 2023, 2 pm (CET)

Livestream via YouTube

Faces for the big wall 

Illia Vasvutinski

Colin Lau

The anticipation for the world’s largest and most important cooking competition will continue to grow in the upcoming months. To make sure that the time until the opening and the parade of the nations is not too long, a campaign is already attracting attention that literally gives the Culinary Olympics a face. Since the beginning of February, chefs, families, fans and IKA enthusiasts have been proudly displaying their portraits on the “IKA Faces Wall” in support of the IKA 2024. And the Faces Wall is just as international as the cooking competition itself. Illia Vasvutinski from the Ukrainian Junior National Team is also taking part. “The Culinary Olympics are a competition, where your life changes absolutely. I am happy to be part of the history of the IKA and also to be the youngest captain in the history of the Culinary Olympic Games,” says the 18-year-old. “Thanks for the possibility to be a member of IKA family.” For Illia and the other team members from Ukraine, participating in Stuttgart 2020 was a small miracle. “Being able to participate in the IKA competition is my dream and goal as a chef,” says Colin Lau, executive chef for OMI Group in Australia, as well. “It is a great honor to be a chef and to participate in the IKA Faces Wall.” 

IKA TV goes on air  

The digital signs are set for IKA, and the same goes for IKA TV, the “online channel” of the Culinary Olympics. Starting from from May 17, IKA TV will announce and accompany the cooking event online. “It is important to us to use the digital possibilities to bring the next IKA closer to as many professionals and interested people as possible, both nationally and internationally,” says Daniel Schade. “Media coverage and online presence are of great importance for this worldwide important culinary event. They will give the cooking profession an additional push in the public and significantly increase awareness. We will benefit from this as an association and as an industry alike.” 

Whether IKA impressions of the 25th edition, video clips and statements from participants on IKA TV or regular reports on the web and social media: Online users can already get in the mood for the Culinary Olympics on various channels eight months before the start of the IKA and are thus always up to date – 24/7 on the web, in the media library and at any time “on demand”. 

Never miss a thing: Always get the newest information about the IKA/Culinary Olympics.


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