We present: “Faces” of the IKA

Just as multifaceted as the participants of the IKA/Culinary Olympics are the faces on the “IKA Faces Wall”. We introduce some of them.

The IKA/Culinary Olympics not only brings together the Olympic spirit, culinary highlights and great tradition, but also chefs from all over the world. Until the time comes in February 2024 in Stuttgart, “Faces” from a wide variety of nations are already gathering digitally – on the “IKA Faces Wall“. Among others, Portugal, China, Romania and Germany are taking part. All chefs as well as families, fans and IKA enthusiasts can proudly show their portraits on the “Faces Wall” and thus support the IKA/Culinary Olympics.

Florin KissFlorin Kiss, 39, Romania
Executive Chef, Hotel Bellavista Deta and Casa Calfelor Kolping Timișoara 

“For me as a chef, the IKA holds special significance due to several reasons: prestige and recognition, skill development and growth, networking and collaboration, global exposure and inspiration and innovation and personal and professional fulfillment. 

Being part of the IKA Faces Wall is a goal for me as a chef as it signifies recognition and acknowledgment within the culinary community. I see it as a testament of my talent, dedication and culinary achievements. It is a source of pride and a way to showcase my involvement in the prestigious competition.”

Maik DellingMaik Delling, 43, Germany
Partner and Chef at Schlosscafe Heimbach, first chairman of Club der Köche Freiburg und Breisgau e. V.  

“The IKA is special for me: thousands of people meet, who all have the same passion and come from all over the world. When I am sometimes at home in my little world, struggling with the problems of gastronomy, it is always nice to see at such events that our cooking profession has a future. And that there are many dedicated and motivated chefs.  

I have become part of the IKA Faces Wall, on the one hand to draw attention to this event and to support it. And on the other hand to show face that the cooking profession is one of the most beautiful in the world.”

Thomas KleinThomas Klein, 45, Germany
Host Podcast KüchenSchnack, MKN Sales Manager Bavaria  

“Gladly and with full conviction I support the IKA and also the Faces Wall. For me the IKA is the most inspiring meeting for chefs worldwide. The atmosphere, the spirit has inspired me for years.   

To play a small part in the success of IKA, we’re making more people aware of the Culinary Olympics through our podcast KüchenSchnack.”

Peter LöscherPeter Löscher, 44, Austria
Apprentice representative at Häuser zum Leben, team captain of Team Vienna community Catering  

“Promoting young talent in the culinary profession is a priority for me. Of course, it is also important to put community catering in a contemporary modern light in the gastronomic family. These are the reasons why I would like to present our traditional domestic cuisine internationally.   

The international networking, the great exchange with professional colleagues from many countries and of course the competition is the focus for me here (and always with trainees on board).”

Miléne NobreMiléne Nobre, 36, Portugal
Executive chef at AP Hotels & Resorts, Deputy Chief Expert at Cooking Competition Worldskills 

“The IKA/Culinary Olympics is the greatest culinary art competition from around the world. Full of passion, professional chef teams work on the perfect interaction of ingredients, preparation and presentation. It has been a pleasure for me to be part of the IKA family’s history. 

With my participation in the IKA Faces Wall, I help the promotion of Portuguese gastronomy and culture.”

Benjamin ChenBenjamin Chen, 32, China
Lecturer at Macao Institute for Tourism Studies School of Hospitality Management 

“The IKA/Culinary Olympics is the oldest international culinary arts competition in the world. Every four years we share part of our profit, and reinvest the rest in food culture research, social value, and skills in this competition. The same goes for all chefs around the world. 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so I think the IKA Faces Wall is the best option for me.”

Become a Face, too

Anyone who wants to secure their spot, support the IKA/Culinary Olympics and proudly show their face on the “IKA Faces Wall” can do so online at any time. Find more information at www.culinary-olympics.com/faces. 

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