“Plant-based Dishes are Always a bit more of a Challenge” The winning menu of the Swiss Armed Forces Culinary Team at the IKA 2024.

We spoke to some of the participating chefs about their experiences at the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2024. This time, Ryan Oppliger from the Swiss Armed Force Culinary Team, talks about the moments of victory and what the plant-based focus in the category Community Catering Teams meant to them.

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Chef Ryan during the competition.
Chef Ryan (left) during the competition.

Ryan, you and your team became Olympic champions in the Community Catering Teams category. How did you feel when you went home from the IKA 2024? 

It was special and it felt great to take home the title Olympic Champion. We are very proud of our performance and were happy to celebrate the title.    

You took home the victory from the IKA – and the golden toque statues from RAK. Where are they now? 

Everyone of the team was able to take something home. The big trophy that we got for the Military first place is in a display in our military base in Thun.    

What did taking part in the IKA mean to you?  

It was an honor to represent the Swiss Army with the Swiss Armed Forces Culinary Team in an international competition.    

The Community Catering competition was revised and updated for the IKA 2024. What is your feedback? What would you like to see at the IKA 2028?  

We think it is nice to take a current topic and we look forward to a challenge in 2028. We liked that the focus was on the vegetables instead of the meat. Plant-based dishes are always a bit more of a challenge.

After the IKA is before…? What’s next for your team?  

Everyone in the team goes back to the civilian jobs, which is a nice break and allows us to gain new inspiration for the next challenge. Personally, I am at the foundation of Andreas Caminada but will be happy to come back and start preparing for the Culinary World Cup, which will take place 2026 during the Expogast in Luxembourg.   

Thank you! 

Impressions of the IKA 2024

Moment of Victory: The Swiss Armed Forces Culinary Team at the IKA.
Moment of Victory: The Swiss Armed Forces Culinary Team at the IKA.
Olympic Course.
Olympic Course.










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