“Concentrate on the Essentials” The culinary strategy of the team Cercle des Chefs de Cuisine Lucerne: focus on the essentials.

We spoke to some of the participating chefs about their experiences at the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2024. This time, Alexander Limbach form the Regional Team Cercle des Chefs de Cuisine Lucerne from Switzerland, talks about effort, challenges, and how to present Swiss cuisine.

Interview Anna Häuser  Photos IKA/Culinary Olympics, Hotel Gastro Union/Roy Matter (Portrait)

Alexander, your team is third best in the Regional Teams category. How did you feel when you came home from the IKA 2024? 

Alexander Limbach Rm Lucerne Schweiz

We were happy and proud, but of course also exhausted from the efforts of the competition. We were delighted to take third place, as we achieved this with a completely new team and also had to deal with some challenges on the day of the exhibition.

What did taking part in the IKA mean to you? 

It was something very special for us. Four years ago, we won our first Olympic title here, which made us incredibly proud. So being back in Stuttgart meant a lot to us. And meeting chefs from all over the world is always exciting. We are also delighted to be able to present the cuisine of our great country to the world.

How would you summarize your culinary strategy? How did you bring your region to the plate in Stuttgart? 

Switzerland is very diverse and has a lot to offer. It is certainly important not to get bogged down with ingredients and to concentrate on the essentials. We also had a good basis from the previous competitions. It is helpful to orientate yourself on this and learn from previous mistakes.

Thank you! 

Video Impressions of the IKA 2024 

Bronze in the overall ranking for the Regional Team from Switzerland.
Bronze in the overall ranking for the Regional Team from Switzerland.
Swiss mountain top: The Lucerne team's table setup
Swiss mountain top: The Lucerne team’s table setup.









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