All Eyes are on Stuttgart Photo: VKD/Hilger

The German Chefs’ Association is looking forward to the upcoming 26th IKA/Culinary Olympics. A greeting from the VKD Presidium.

It is like a showcase for the international gastronomy scene: the IKA/Culinary Olympics will once again bring food and cooking technology trends from all over the world to Stuttgart at the beginning of February, showing which ingredients are currently popular around the globe and how chefs from other countries can present their culinary creations to perfection. With more than 1,200 participants from 55 nations, the IKA is more broadly based, diverse and international than any other cooking competition. The 26th edition of this mega event is just around the corner, and in a few days’ time all eyes will be on Stuttgart – and on the German Chefs’ Association (VKD). The IKA has been one of the VKD’s most important flagships for almost 125 years. We are proud that it has developed into a leading competition for the international chef community, which has become increasingly prestigious over the years. For many chefs, taking part is both a goal and an honor. From Australia to Mexico, from Hong Kong to Ukraine, it’s great to see so many teams and individual exhibitors from all over registering to cook for gold in February. Looking back at the time after the last IKA, which was marked by a pandemic, war and inflation, this is anything but a matter of course.Ika Insta Posts (2)

Meet the VKD at ICS

Colleagues from the VKD Board of Directors will be present at all IKA days. We look forward to meeting as many members of the VKD family as possible in person and cordially invite you to Stuttgart. Menu tickets are still available online for spontaneous visitors as well as tickets for the Intergastra trade fair. You can find the VKD primarily in the ICS, C2. Important information about the IKA is available at the central information desk. This is also where guests can exchange their ticket voucher for their menu ticket and where you can find the IKA shop.The VKD Lounge directly behind the information desk offers the opportunity for networking.

Four years ago, we finished the 25th Culinary Olympics full of euphoria and we are just as euphoric about the upcoming IKA. True to the motto #takingpartiseverything, the team spirit and passion for cooking are tangible – from the march-in of the nations, a real highlight with goosebumps factor, to the big award ceremony. We look forward to hosting this unique event once again, offering talents from all over the world a stage and spreading the shared love of the culinary profession around the world.

This “Aus dem Präsidium” is part of the January/February 2023 double issue of KÜCHE.

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