RAK Porcelain specializes in the crafting, manufacturing, and supplying of exquisite quality porcelain tableware, glassware and 18/10 stainless steel cutlery, catering to the International HORECA Industry. The subsidiary of RAK Ceramics has been producing for 15 years in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates with the currently best manufacturing technology from Europe and the finest quality raw materials imported from Germany, France, Spain, and the UK.

From their headquarters in Bettembourg, Luxembourg, the RAK experts supply the entire European market with dinnerware, cutlery & glassware, and work closely on the constant evolution of the brand with the headquarter in Ras Al Khaimah to be able to respond to the varying requirements and the popular trends of the industry. The numerous collections respond to the varying needs and specific requirements of the HORECA industry and thus conform to all segments of this multifaceted industry. Thanks to their high-quality raw materials and their unique production process, the products are particularly solid and survive heavy use in the kitchen and hotel industry as well as numerous dishwashing cycles.


In February 2024, it will not only be very competitive for the Chefs of this world, but also for our company. We will be constantly present at the most important trade fairs in our industry.

A highlight for RAK Porcelain is, of course, the Intergastra 2024 together with the IKA 2024. Same as in previous years, we are once again exclusive partner of the Culinary Olympics and are as usual impatiently counting down the days to this mega event for chefs. Chefs and their craft have been at the heart of RAK Porcelain ever since the very beginning of the company and this is exactly why this event is so important to us.

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When in Stuttgart, Chefs from over 50 countries come together and compete to become the very best of their industry, strong partners are needed and among these we count our company, which has been supporting the IKA/Culinary Olympics and the German Chefs Association for over 12 years now.

Every IKA Competition, we try with our selection of products for the competition to satisfy the needs of the teams and their plating expectations. Therefore, it is a real pleasure to supply the IKA 2024 Edition with one of the highest-quality and most elegant products currently available in the dinnerware industry. Our choice for the National Teams and Junior National Teams for their competition in the “RESTAURANT OF NATIONS” in 2024 will therefore be “Spectra”, from our newest Bone China Collection “Le Ballet”.

In the other competitions, such as the “Chefs Tables” and the “Community Catering”, we are offering the teams a variety of options that showcase the actual dining and food trends of this world in a perfect symbiosis with the Know-How of the Chefs.

“As a globally recognized supplier of high-quality professional crockery, we want to set a clear statement for the gastronomy and hotel industry in Germany and around the world.”

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Sven Bodry
Director of Operations
Tel.: +352 26 36 06 65 53
Mobile: +352 621 28 07 02
Email.: sbodry@rakporcelaineurope.com



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