Premium coffees from Stuttgart characterized by regionality, quality and direct trade! 

Hochland Kaffee has been roasting premium coffees in Stuttgart since it was founded in 1930. With 60 years of direct trade relations with farmers and cooperatives in origin, we pride ourselves on being one of the pioneers of direct trade. That is why we stand behind our corporate philosophy “More than fair” and enjoy excellent relationships on an equal footing with our suppliers from all over the world.  

With over 20 specialty coffees, our product range is suitable for all types of brewing.  

We recommend the following products for Espresso preperation: 

Espresso Rassico – nutty and spicy
Espresso Intensso – chocolaty and strong
Holanka Crema – velvety and elegant
Entcoff – decaffeinated 

The following products are particularly suitable for filter coffee preperation: 

Colanka® – mild treatment
Ratsherren – mild and balanced
Kaffeestunde – full-bodied and complex 

Hyperfocal: 0

We offer end-to-end solutions for Private Labeling. We are able to offer customized solutions so that the end product perfectly fits our customer’s brand and existing product portfolio.

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