HOBART has been producing high-quality equipment that helps you master all challenges of your daily kitchen routine for more than 125 years.


As the world market leader for commercial warewashing technology, you can expect not only innovative features from us, but also machines that are extremely energy-efficient and economical. We always keep your operating costs in mind when developing new technologies, in line with our motto “work smart, not hard”.

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Total performance in your kitchen

In our international research and development centre in Offenburg, we develop warewashing technology for all requirements. Whether you want to wash glasses or dishes, pots, plastic containers or baking trays – HOBART provides the right machines and other equipment.

With a lot of passion and innovative spirit, we find the perfect solution for every customer. Do you already know our TWO-LEVEL-WASHER that helps you wash twice the capacity per wash cycle? You can also find innovative solutions for washing and drying reusable dishes (reusables) at HOBART.

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