Afinox has been manufacturing professional appliances for catering and restaurants since 1980. High reliability and a wide range of products are distinguishing features of our brand. Afinox has two production sites and all products are entirely manufactured in Italy.

A wide range of drop-in and frestanding appliances

Afinox offers a complete range of buffets and food display suitable for restaurants, canteens and retail shops.

Our buffet range is perfectly modular and is divided into three categories: DROP-IN, for direct installation in furniture, ESSENCE freestanding appliances with minimal structure and fixed covers, and TRADITION, complete furniture with laminated wood paneling.

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Refrgerated and heated

The buffet range consists of four refrigerated and three heated models.


  • LIME Static cold top units
  • GREEN Static cold well units
  • BLUE Ventilated cold well units
  • BLUE PLATINUM Ventilated showcases for self-service

The heating models are:

  • ORANGE Heated dry wells
  • RED Heated bain-marie well units
  • BROWN Heated glass top units
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Customizable cover panels

Afinox buffets offer great flexibility because they allow the bottom and top cover to be personalized. In addition to the standard colors, it is possible to customize the colors to match the surrounding environment.

Buffet kids for schools

All models are available in low height versions ideal for use in school canteens and for people with disabilities.

Discover more https://www.afinox.com/en/drop-wells-and-display-units/


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Mario Tonon
Export Area Manager
Mobile: +39 331 6629761
Office: +39 049 9638321
Email: tonon.mario@afinox.com

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