Culinary art with tradition and a future

The IKA /Culinary Olympics has a long history. Its beginnings date back to 1900. What began as a performance showcase has developed into an inspiring international event. The enduring fascination of the competitions outlasts cooking shows and food trends – unforgettable culinary highlights set standards and provide many Olympic moments. 

The courage to dare something and to keep reinventing yourself again and again: This is what characterises the IKA/Culinary Olympics and the Intergastra in equal measure. At the industry get-together in the gourmet region of Stuttgart, exhibitors present current industry trends, innovative products and groundbreaking concepts for the catering and hotel industry. Visitors will find many future-oriented ideas there and can take part in numerous lectures and events. 

History of IKA/Culinary Olympics


Start of the world’s first culinary arts exhibition in Frankfurt.


New beginning: the first culinary arts show after the Second World War, organised by the VKD which was founded in 1948.


Staged for the first time under the name “IKA/Culinary Olympics”.


New location: the 19th IKA/Culinary Olympics in Berlin – for the first time not staged in Frankfurt.


Centenary: the 20th IKA/Culinary Olympics – première in Erfurt.


Premiere in Baden-Württemberg: the 25th IKA/Culinary Olympics for the first time in Stuttgart 

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