Conditions of Participation

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  • Page # 4 Preparation and mise en place  states 2018 – should be 2019
  • Page # 9 size of table states 2018 – should be 2019

of food product and equipment into the kitchen

  • It is allowed to bring products and equipment in Scan Boxes or equipment cage into the kitchen before the competition opens for mise en place
  • Two (2) can be kept in the kitchen but nothing on top (max size w 540 x h 1800 x d 810)
  • It is also allowed to have one (1) thermos box under a kitchen table for tray storage
  • It is permitted to have Scan Boxes or cages outside the kitchen for storage
  • All extra boxes and transport equipment must be brought back to storage or into the truck before the competitions starts
  • The helpers are allowed to do the transportation

Reducing the use of disposable plastic packaging material is important!

  • Use dishwasher safe plastic containers for food storage. Wash and use again.
  • Keep the use of vacuum plastic bags to a minimum
  • Violation against these rules will refer to point reduction from mice on place or professional preparation.

Intermediate course means a vegan warm/hot course (size same as a starter portion) which has to be served on a plate for each single guest (12 pax).

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