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Transportation of food product and equipment into the kitchen

  • It is allowed to bring products and equipment in Scan Boxes or equipment cage into the kitchen before the competition opens for mise en place
  • Two (2) can be kept in the kitchen but nothing on top (max size w 540 x h 1800 x d 810)
  • It is also allowed to have one (1) thermos box under a kitchen table for tray storage
  • It is permitted to have Scan Boxes or cages outside the kitchen for storage
  • All extra boxes and transport equipment must be brought back to storage or into the truck before the competitions starts
  • The helpers are allowed to do the transportation


Reducing the use of disposable plastic packaging material is important!

  • Use dishwasher safe plastic containers for food storage. Wash and use again.
  • Keep the use of vacuum plastic bags to a minimum
  • Violation against these rules will refer to point reduction from mice on place or professional preparation.

The Green Text

The green parts in the regulations of, e.g. the National and Junior National Teams mark the sections that were adjusted. The version of the Conditions of Participation as it is online now including the green parts is the valid version.

Electronical Devices

We count exactly how many additional electrical appliances are brought into the kitchen. Everything over 8 devices gives 5 points deduction per device.



How about the handling of gloves in the kitchens? How the jury sees it, is this uniformly regulated, or does each juror see it as it is handled in his/her own country?


From the point of view of the jury, there are clear rules. We only want to see gloves:

  • When work is done where the hands are difficult to clean, such as. Fillet fish, process beetroot, lemon or similar coloring or strong-smelling.
  • When arranging and placing menu items on the plates, if this is done with the fingers

Otherwise, it is always better to wash hands before and during the work more often. Experience has shown that many teams have worked with gloves without having to wash their hands in between. The jury definitely do not want to see this anymore.

What is meant by intermediate course vegan?

Intermediate course means a vegan warm/hot course (size same as a starter portion) which has to be served on a plate for each single guest (12 pax).

Which china does the organizer offer?

The China for the „Restaurant of Nations“ is offered by the organizer (see page 5). For the “Chef’s Table” only the china for the hot preparation  is offered by the organizer.  All other china has to be brought by the teams themselves (see page 9).

How do the teams have to serve dips, petit fours and bread and butter?

Butter and dips must be prepared individually for each guest. Finger food and Petit Fours should be used as a sharing platter (2×5). Bread is offered by the organizer.

Can the hollow balls for the chocolate program already be brought along? Or does everything have to be done locally?

Hollow balls that are already finished are not allowed just as finished decorative elements.

National Teams – Chefs Table


Are helpers allowed to set up the table or not? (page 9)


The team (1 or 2 chefs) is responsible to assist the guests during the serving from the kitchen. The organizer is in charge of the service in front of the “Chef’s Table”, for beverages and all table services.

Set up for the table and serving food can be done by the team (6 chefs). The helpers are not allowed, this is only allowed to the same six (6) chefs from the hot kitchen! (page 7)


I would like some clarification on the dessert presentation for Chef’s table please, when I look at the description, I can’t decide what is being asked.

Is it 1 large buffet plate/platter with an assortment of 3 SEPARATE types of desserts (all different, one of them hot), for 12 people, so each person would be served 3 different desserts on to a plate from the main platter? And sauce served for all 12 in one serving container/jug, or sauce in 12 separate containers/jugs? (is that why is says ‘as plated service’?)


Is it 1 large buffet plate/platter with 3 components of the SAME dessert (so each component is co-ordinated with each other) one of them hot (and sauce in either one serving container/jug or 12 individual serving jugs)?


When it says ‘as plated service’, does this just mean the sauce is not to be considered a component (ie the same rules as plated dessert), or does it mean all the 12 desserts should be served plated individually (with their 3 separate or co-ordinated components) as a plated service on to the chef’s table, and not as one large plate/platter?


The guidelines are clear:
Preparing a Chef’s Table” for 12 persons. 1 dessert on a plate per guest is required. The dessert should have 3 main ingredients e.g. cream, ice and a warm component like e.g. a soufflé. Additionally, the dessert should have a decoration and a sauce.
However, the sauce is not the main ingredient. It may also be served separately in 12 small jars or small bowls or from a large bowl for 12 persons.
In any case, we do not want a sharing plate but a dessert plate per person.


Are we just preparing 6 finger food? Or is it 12 pcs – 2 pcs per person?


Six (6) (4 cold and 2 hot) various kind of finger food served on a platters directly at the “Chef’s Table”. 60 pieces presented equally on two platters. 12 pieces presented on two plates for the jury. While sitting at the Chef’s Table, the guests need to be able to reach the finger food easily. That is why all required finger food has to be presented equally on two platters on both parts of the table.


Can two helpers get involved in cooking? Or does one wash dishes and the other has to leave the kitchen during cooking?


Chef’s Table” Preparing a “Chef’s Table“ for 12 persons: The six (6) chefs/pastry chefs and two (2) helpers are allowed to work in the kitchen. Only the same six (6) chefs from the hot kitchen can put up the “Chef’s Table”.

That means the two helpers are allowed to work as chefs as well as dish washer in the kitchen – that depends on your organization within the kitchen.

Important: Only the 6 chefs from the hot kitchen can put up the “Chef’s Table”.



Other dishes are served by the plate directly on the Commissioners’ Desk?


Yes, all other dishes are served on plates, served by the chefs to the guest at the table.

  1. guidelines

The team (1 or 2 chefs) is responsible to assist the guests during the serving from the kitchen.

The organizer is in charge of the service in front of the “Chef’s Table”, for beverages and all table services (clear the table).

Set up for the table and serving food can be done by the helpers, but no explanations or comments to the guests. This is only allowed to the chefs, s. your question no. 3.


Three dessert components can be on one plate as a complex dessert?


Yes, these three components are requested to be on one plate. Dessert as a plated service.


Can you please send us samples of porcelain? Or at least a photo?


Information send out by a separate e-mail before Easter.


What is the size of the table?


Information will be given by the end of May 2019.


Only finger food and a cold buffet platter will be placed on the chefs table?


Finger food, served on a plate or a small platter (for one person), is inserted at the Chefs Table.

  • The buffet platter has larger dimensions, therefore a chef served from a separate table (Gueridon) with fork and spoon and placed all items on a plate, which then is served to the guest.

Here the guest may not serve itself. The platter must be in one piece! Must appear as one unit. It must be also be possible to lift and move as one unit.

Old! – Policiy has changed.

Chefstable Ika



Smoked eel must not be brought into the kitchen. Such as smoked salmon or trout, you can smoke eel in a short period of time during the competition. This stands in contrast to ham, which may be brought if it is further processed. In addition, eels are on the red list of endangered fish populations.

IKA Buffet


“Roots” in this case means vegetables – root vegetables.

Fingerfood Glass
Fingerfood Glass


Fingerfood Spoon

Bubbe Ball
How are the competition dates for the regional teams decided?

Regional Teams can choose the competition date themselves in the registration programme.

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