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RAK und IKA/Culinary Olympics

RAK and IKA/Culinary Olympics

Friday the thirteenth: A lucky day for chefs

RAK and IKA/Culinary Olympics: porcelain for the world’s chefs


The German Chefs’ Association (Verband der Köche Deutschlands e.V.) and RAK Porcelain Europe announced their long-term partnership right at the beginning of Internorga 2015, the leading trade fair for the catering sector: Over the next six years, RAK Porcelain Europe will support the German Chef’s Association with the two mega-events for chefs from all over the world, the IKA/Culinary Olympics in 2016 and 2020, with a total of over 500,000 euros. Part of this money will also be invested in the German Chefs’ Association’s educational and youth work.

“When more than 2,000 chefs from all over the world come together in Erfurt to nominate the best in the business, strong partners are called for. For this reason, we have decided to support the organisers of the IKA/Culinary Olympics, the German Chefs’ Association”, explains Sven Bodry, Head of Sales at RAK Porcelain Europe. “As a globally recognised provider of high-quality professional tableware, we want to make a clear gesture for the catering and hotel sectors in Germany and the whole world”.

RAK Porcelain Europe will provide The German Chef’s Association with 15,000 items of porcelain so that the high quality of the chefs’ culinary attainments is shown to its best advantage. “Together with the Chefs’ Association, we have developed a new series of oval plates with asymmetrical surfaces for serving”, explains Bodry. “ For the first time in the history of the IKA, the chefs will not serve their Olympic menus on round plates, which means that we can also set new trends in this area”, explained Andreas Becker , President of the German Chefs’ Association.

And the suspense continues: both partners will announce further details of their collaboration at the drawing of the starting positions for the competing teams in October 2015 at the Erfurt Exhibition Centre, the venue for the IKA/Culinary Olympics.