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IKA Lucky Lady Susi Erdmann

A top athlete with a passion for food and beverages is an ideal match for the IKA/Culinary Olympics. Susi Erdmann, 9-time World Champion and five time Olympian in the luge an 2er Bob, freely professes his passion for Grandma’s cuisine. With the help of Nestlé Professional we were able to win this new advocate for the role of IKA Lucky Lady. During the competition draw the charming sledders icon was available for an interview.

What would be your advice for participants in the IKA/Culinary Olympics to get fired up for the competition?

The possibility to participate at such a competition is a huge motivation itself – this is true for athletes as well as for chefs. Previously extensive training, great discipline and  perseverance is needed to be successful. The more intensive the preparation, the bigger the motivation to give your best at the competition.

Which specialties do you consider to be your favourite dishes?

Enjoying food is something that I have learned after I stopped being a professional athlete. Now I do really enjoy cooking by myself. It is bringing me joy to plan dinner with my life partner, to choose the right ingredients and to prepare them. We are making sure to use regional and especially seasonal products. My favourite dish is and will remain German meatballs in caper sauce called Königsberger Klopse - cooked by my grandma.

What exactly do you admire about chefs?

Cooks do have a very tough job. Planning, shopping, organizing and then a lot of dishes must be served hot and at the right time to the guest. Furthermore I admire their creativity to create new menus again and again. Cooks are real artists.